2023 ducati streetfighter v4s wheelie

Ducati Streetfighter V4 is indeed a killer machine, literally. It has 208 hp and weighs only 178 kilos. That’s a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio that can get you that much closer to God if you aren’t careful.

But if that wasn’t enough for some crazy dudes out there, Ducati is offering a sports package under its official accessories that will allow you to make your Streetfighter V4 even lighter.

ducati streetfighter v4 carbon fibre winglets

The Sport package brings together various accessories to underline the racing soul of the Streetfighter V4, also allowing you to save on the purchase of individual components. This proposal focuses on the refined construction quality of the billet aluminium components, such as the fuel tank cap, the brake and clutch levers and the handlebar counterweights, and on the elegance of the dynamic LED indicators, which are reflected in the carbon fibre of the light license plate holder. The tank cap is equipped with an anti-tampering system, with the key bearing the Ducati shield. Counterweights protect the handlebars in the event of a slide and help to reduce vibrations.

ducati streetfighter v4 carbon fibre parts

The Streetfighter V4 can become even more aggressive and sporty thanks to numerous carbon fibre parts such as front and rear mudguards (also compatible with the use of track tyres and tyre warmers), instrument cover, which improves aerodynamic protection, tank cover, pinion cover and biplane wings, made of structural carbon fibre. These components, in addition to enhancing the racing personality of the Streetfighter V4, also improve the bike’s power/weight ratio.

The homologated Akrapovič silencers make it possible to further lighten the Streetfighter V4, with a weight saving of 0.8 kg. The titanium alloy body and carbon end caps guarantee lightness and resistance to high temperatures and combined with the honeycomb grille at the gas outlet hole, give the naked supersport bike from Borgo Panigale an even more aggressive look.

ducati streetfighter v4 full system exhaust

Finally, those who wish to harness the power of the Streetfighter V4 on circuit can adopt the full Akrapovič titanium exhaust system, developed in collaboration with Ducati Corse. With a noise level of less than 105 dB, it does not preclude use on days with noise limits, while still guaranteeing a significant increase in performance. The weight saving is 5.5 kg, the power and torque gain at mid-range is 6%. The exhaust is delivered together with a racing-derived polyester air filter and a dedicated mapping, with which all the DTC – DWC – DPL and DSC parameters are adapted to the bike’s increased performance. The exhaust must be fitted with the specific carbon fibre protection.