2023 vespa gtv front quarter

For 2023, the Vespa GTV comes out in an entirely revolutionised version, maintaining the must-have similarities to the origins of the legend but combining them with an ultra-modern technological equipment package and unprecedented sporty finishes. The result is an extraordinary combination of tradition and modernity, classicism and audacity, which come together in the most authentically sporty Vespa ever.

2023 vespa gtv front quarter left

The new Vespa GTV is powered by the 300 hpe (High Performance Engine) single-cylinder engine that has 4-valve timing, liquid cooling, and electronic injection. Accredited with a power of 23.8 HP, it is the highest-performance engine ever mounted on a Vespa.

2023 vespa gtv rear quarter

The light clusters of the new Vespa GTV are now full LED, including the characteristic low headlight. The new instrumentation maintains the elegant circular shape, but it is now entirely digital, a solution that lets you take advantage of the features provided by the Vespa MIA connectivity system, available as an accessory.

2023 vespa gtv rear quarter right

One of the distinctive elements of the Vespa GTV is the two-tone single-seater saddle with a racing look and the rear part that is installation ready for a rigid cover colour coded to match the body reminiscent of the typical fairings on competition Vespas. The cover is available as a separate accessory and is removable.

On the safety front, it comes standard with ASR electronic traction control and an ABS anti-lock braking system. There is also a USB port, located in the storage compartment in the leg back shield, whereas the spacious under-seat compartment has a mat.