GD Graphics

Nowadays technology is able to let us modify images with software, creating special and unique memories that can ignite fantasies and emotions. This is the case with GD Solutions, an Italian graphic designer specializing in our favorite two-wheel world. We went and interviewed him to have a more in-depth perspective

GD Graphics

Who is GD Creative solutions? Tell us more about you, your background, and where everything started?

GD Creative Solutions is a part of my world of web designers and graphic designers. I am a web designer with over 20 years of experience.

I created my first website in 1998 for an oil company. And since then I still do my business with success. In the same way I have always had a passion for the world of Motorsport and for Photoshop.

In my recent past I have worked to manage several Motorteam engaged in the Italian Supermoto Championship and Motocross realizing for their websites, reports of the competition for the Sponsors, management of their official social profiles.

GD Creative Solutions combines these two great passions to provide my customers with a unique and professional service.

Starting from simple photos I can create spectacular graphics that my customers can print making a wonderful poster to hang at home or in the office and of course to be shared on their social networks.

Where are you based?

My operative office is in Milan but the range of action is extended all over the world. I have requests for my work from all parts of the world: from America, through Europe, to get to New Zealand.

Why motorcycles as a main subject?

Motorbikes are my main subject because I am a biker too. Having worked with several Motorteam (Supermoto and MX) I already had a solid starting point of estimators to start my professional editing service.

But i’m able to create graphics for cars, quads and in general all the world related to speed and Off Road.

What does  the racing world mean to you?

I can answer with a famous phrase by Steve McQueen “Life is Racing: Everything else i just waiting”.

Have you worked for any well-known racing Team? What was the reaction?

As mentioned above, I have collaborated in the past with several motorteam engaged in Italian championships. They do not therefore have the visibility that a team engaged for example in the MOTO GP can have.

But it was a good time, I gained experience in a field that I did not know in a direct and in-depth way. To make the race reports every day I was in contact with the various professional pilots involved in their sports. With the mechanics, the team managers and with the photographers, essential for obtaining professional photos that can be included in the race reports.

The only contact I had with a great Motorteam known all over the world is PRAMAC RACING that has appreciated and shared the graphics made for their official drivers on all their social profiles. It was an enormous satisfaction for me!

GD Design Studio

Why are you doing this subject matter? Why Motorsport?

Because to create graphics, you need creativity and passion. And loving the world of Motorsport make it easier for me. My graphics are perfect for both “Static” photos and “Motion” photos.

And to tell you the truth, talking about engines, car and motorbike models, I find it easier than talking about finance or accounting in general!

Where did you learn your skill? when did your passion for art start?

Since I was young I have always been attracted by computer science and various image editing programs.

I learned by myself, reading books and magazines and then, with the explosion of the web, to study online tutorials.

And even today I continue to commit about 30% of my working time to create new graphic styles and new website programming techniques. Information technology never stops.

What is your product range? Are there any limitations on your work (sizes, images quality, printing surfaces, etc)?

Not all photos can be edited according to my graphic styles.

The photos must be of good quality in high resolution (at least 3240 x 2160 pixels or higher) since my graphics were born to be printed not only shared on social media. It is also essential to have a shot with the right “pose”. For this reason I ask my customers to provide at least 4 or 8 photos to see and then decide with them how many edits and with which style.

I have proven that the graphics can be printed on paper or on metal plate. The dimensions, being non-vector files, are limited to a medium or large poster. And certainly not to cover a room with a 3 meter long wall!

GD Design

How can your future client contact you? Do you have a website?

My customers can contact me in 2 different ways:

Through my Instagram profile @gdcreativesolutions

Or through the ever business page on Facebook

I also have a showcase site obviously made by me:


Can our Bike Nation readers have a special discount from you?

Sure, it will be my pleasure. Please mention “UAE-BN10”, and I will apply a 10% of discount to them when they will contact me.