KLIM-Ai-1-Rally-Airbag-Vest-with rider

In an effort to continuously evolve motorcycle protection technology driven by artificial intelligence, KLIM and In&motion, an award-winning motorcycle airbag company, teamed up to introduce a new adventure-riding-oriented Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest built with more protection than the original Ai-1 Airbag Vest.

The lightweight, electronic vest is fully wireless and autonomous, meaning there are no sensors needed on the bike. An inert-gas canister provides the pressure needed to inflate the vest in under 60 milliseconds, and it can easily be replaced by the user. In&motion’s In&box DPP (Detect-Protect-Perfect) sensor platform offers unprecedented crash sensitivity through continuous algorithm updates for added protection.


Designed to protect the thorax, abdomen, spine and neck, the Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest is the only 5-Star SRA-Certified smart airbag, Europe’s top safety rating available, with detection + inflation time under 60 milliseconds. The main vest body fabric is moisture wicking and breathable for comfort underneath a motorcycle jacket. The upgraded D3O chest and back pads create an added layer of protection for low-speed tumbles; the D3O CE Level 2-rated vented backpad is certified for ambient and wet conditions. The D3O CE Level 1-rated chest pads are inboard of the air bladder, between the rider and air bladder and offer impact absorption even without inflation.

In&motion produces wearable airbag systems for motorcyclists and extreme sports including MotoGP. The In&motion system was tested in 2021 by high-level Dakar Rally professionals, including Toby Price, Matthias Walkner, Sam Sunderland, Laia Sanz and David Knight, and is FIM Rally-Raid approved. These systems use “smart” technology to update and perfect the crash detection algorithms through data automatically collected from users.


Using data collected by top competitors of rally racing, In&motion developed an adventure-specific riding mode, providing more leniency toward situations of limited grip and low-speed tip overs not causing the need for inflation. With multiple detection modes, riders are able to activate the correct detection mode for each riding situation for optimized protection. The Adventure Mode is available as a subscription-enhanced option for all In&box equipped airbags.