gpx-gtm250r-cafe-racer-front quarter-yellow

Looks are indeed a subjective thing, however, I have hardly come across any motorcyclist who has told me that he/she doesn’t like a cafe racer. I mean, it’s always good to see a cafe racer, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how much horsepower it has or how fast it can go. There is a different charm to ride cafe racers.

Speaking of, there is a new cafe racer built by a Thailand-based motorcycle company called GPX. It has created this new model called the GTM250R which has been made exclusive for the Japanese market. Only 150 units will be available for purchase in red, black and yellow colours.

gpx-gtm250r-cafe-racer-front quarter

The GPX GTM250R is a typical cafe racer and it indeed looks quite stylish. There’s a round headlamp with a quarter fairing and a reasonably sized visor. The motorcycle’s style quotient is enhanced by the bar-end mirrors, single seat and a rear seat cowl. Considering that it’s a quarter-litre machine, the dual disc setup at the front is overkill but looks good for sure. The USD forks also add to the bold appearance.

As I said, powering the GPX GTM250R Cafe Racer is a 250cc single with fuel injection that puts out 20-odd horsepower. It isn’t a lot but should be sufficient for a 148 kg motorcycle.


What else. The wire-spoke wheels are a nice retro touch. The chopped-off front mudguard is in line with the cafe racer visuals. There is also an engine guard and the single exhaust looks neat too. Overall, it’s a good-looking bike. Which is your favourite cafe racer?