honda clever windscreen

Honda is said to be working on a clever and advanced windscreen for the next-gen Gold Wing. Some of the interesting features and workings of the new auto-adjusting windscreen have been revealed in a patent application.

Auto-adjusting electronic windscreens aren’t new to the world of motorcycles, however, what Honda is trying to do with its new windscreen takes it a level up.

Honda’s new windscreen will be linked to a computer, a microphone and a set of cameras that will provide a bunch of data based on which the height of the windscreen will be automatically adjusted.

honda clever windscreen diagram

For example, when the speed of the bike and wind noise increases a predefined limit, the computer will tell the windscreen to move up to reduce the wind buffeting and noise.

There are cameras placed on the rearview mirrors of the motorcycle facing towards the rider. They monitor the rider’s eye position and height and feed the information to the computer. Based on the data, the computer will alter the height of the windscreen so that the edge of the windscreen doesn’t hinder the rider’s sight.