customised indian sport chief rolling burnout

It must be clear by now that the Indian Sport Chief is a great base for motorcycle customizers to tweak the bike as per their taste and preferences. One such custom Indian Sport Chief has been built by freestyle motocross riders Carey Hart and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg.

customised indian sport chief right side

While creating this custom build, Twitch said, “The components on the production Sport Chief are great, but for what you’re going to be doing, I’m going to really focus on the chassis, handling, and braking. You’re going to ride the wheels off this thing, so it has to perform. It’s not just a trophy bike.”

customised indian sport chief fuel tank

Hart started off by stripping the bike down to its motor and frame. He re-engineered the brakes with race-spec Beringer components and tapped Trac Dynamics to develop a billet aluminium swingarm for increased rigidity and to minimize flex.

customised indian sport chief engine

He also called upon Barnstorm Cycles to add knee cuts to help slim the tank. The bike also features Hart & ODI bars and grips, super sticky Dunlop tires, machine wheels, a chain conversion and a Bassani 2-into-1 exhaust.

customised indian sport chief handlebar

Hart also raised the front end an inch and added a Beringer clutch perch to deliver a more moto-like feel that Twitch is accustomed to. To finish the bike off, Hart pulled in Schultz Design to deliver a paint scheme that was flashy, but classic, and truly represented Twitch’s personality.