Ducati_Communication_System_V3_by Cardo

The new Ducati Communication System V3 by Cardo has been launched. The new intercom offers enthusiasts the most innovative communication technologies – such as Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) connectivity – without sacrificing the unmistakable Ducati red.

The streamlined, antenna-free silhouette makes this intercom aerodynamic, improving comfort, silence and aesthetics, and the magnetic mount for attachment to the helmet simplifies installation. Bikers can thus fully enjoy the sights and sensations of any trip without distraction or discomfort, supported by excellent connectivity.

It is equipped with the Dynamic Mesh Communication system, which guarantees stable performance and enables connection to a group of up to 15 motorcyclists within a radius of 1.6 km. It can also connect to any Bluetooth device by managing functions with voice commands, with automatic switching between intercom and phone.

Cardo’s proven Mesh connectivity allows the device to leave and rejoin the group automatically, without complicated procedures to be carried out when traffic conditions or an unexpected change of route lead to getting away from friends. Its high autonomy (13 hours with a two-hour full charge) makes it extremely practical. If necessary, with a quick charge of just 20 minutes, you already have two hours of autonomy. Software updates are possible via USB cable or via the Cardo Connect app.