Maya started riding at an early age. She got her first two-wheeler when she was 10. How? Well, that’s an interesting story itself. Maya’s father promised her that he will buy her a moped if she secures exceptional grades. Little did he know that the 10-year-old girl accepted the challenge and a couple of weeks later she had her beautiful, 25cc Suzuki Love parked at her home in Lebanon.


Maya’s Suzuki became her companion, an expression of bravery and freedom. It was her mental escape from all the city chaos. As time passed by, Maya upgraded to several big bikes and riding became a significant part of her life.

You must be wondering, “Where’s Maya’s Red Vespa in this story?” We’re getting there. Read on.


Maya relocated to Dubai in 2004. One fine day, she read an article about 13 lady riders of HOG and said to herself that soon there will be 14 lady riders. In 2008, Maya bought herself a 1200cc Harley-Davidson Sportster Low Rider. However, she had to let the motorcycle go even before its first service due to some unfortunate financial woes.

Post this incident Maya did not buy any bike. She did not even think that she would look for another bike until a few months ago when something caught her eye on Instagram.


Maya came across a Vespa Dior and was mesmerized by the scooter’s elegant design. And it was at this moment, she knew that she had to get a Vespa for herself. So she made a few phone calls and reached Society Motors, the official dealer of Vespa in the UAE.

There she saw a Red Vespa and it was love at first sight. Apart from the gorgeous design of the scooter, the alluring paint scheme also struck a chord with Maya. Now, red is linked to the AIDS foundation and since Maya’s Vespa is also red, this similarity inspired her to connect her two-wheeler with her cause.


“What’s her cause”, you ask? Mayotte is a new brand whose aim is to spread awareness in society about food waste. Maya believes that to bring good change to the planet, one must create awareness, especially in the younger generation because it is the action of the youth that’s going to shape the future.

Maya finds her flashy Red Vespa a great tool to grab people’s attention and an icon for all age groups. She trusts her scooter to be her companion in her mission to reduce food waste and contribute to changing the lives of 811 million people who sleep on empty stomachs even though there are enough resources on the planet to feed them all.


So, isn’t Maya’s Red Vespa more than a scooter? Well, if you are in the UAE, keep an eye out for it. If you spot it, you’ll know that Maya is out on her next mission to support her cause – reduce food waste.

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