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You must have seen a plethora of exotic and high-end motorcycles here in the Middle East. Sportbikes, ADVs, cruisers, bobbers, custom builds; you name it. Many different genres of bikes are present in the region. But what if we told you that there is a model here that is so special and so unique that the chances of you spotting it out on the roads are bleak. Why? Well, because it is the only such motorcycle available in the entire Middle East!

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Enter the F3 Rocketeer by Darwin Motorcycles/Brass Balls Cycles.

This particular model is owned by Sam who is an architect by profession and has been residing in Dubai for the last 20 years. He is passionate about artistic works, which we can clearly tell as his ride itself is a world-class masterpiece! Wouldn’t you agree? And such artworks do come at a cost. Sam bought the F3 Rocketeer for AED 300,000.

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Sam uses this machine mostly as a display motorcycle in his home and takes it out seldom on weekend rides just to keep it running. His daily ride, however, is an Indian Motorcycle Chief – Military Edition, similar to what Hollywood actor George Clooney has.

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This F3 Rocketeer is a 2015 model. It features a beautiful brushed aluminum fuel tank. The same finish can also be found on the rear fender, front end and powertrain. Speaking of, the engine of this motorcycle is a 1818cc, twin-cylinder motor from S&S. It carries the inscription, “1st Place, AMD World Championships, Rocketeer F3, 07/15” as it was the winner of the 2021 edition of the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. This championship has been running since 2014 and has showcased over 1,000 custom bikes.

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Another striking feature of the F3 Rocketeer is the Custom Candy Red powder coated frame that contrasts the entire brushed aluminum finish of the motorcycle. The bike is fitted with a custom air cleaner cover and uses a 2.4” Baker Synchronous primary drive. It is to be noted that all aluminum parts on this motorcycle have not been created using the conventional molding technique. They have been carved out from aluminum blocks.

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Other features of the F3 Rocketeer include a 6-speed Rivera transmission, 2×1 reverse megaphone stainless steel exhaust, custom aluminum apollo wheels, ISR hand controls, rubber Moto grips and PIAA headlight. The motorcycle also has an AutoMeter gauge with custom mounting to bar risers, billet aluminum forward foot controls, brushed with knurled foot & toe pegs.

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The F3 Rocketeer is certainly a motorcycle worth admiring for many reasons. What is it about this model that you liked the most? Also, it is worth mentioning that Sam’s F3 Rocketeer is currently up for sale. So, those who are interested can reach out to him on his Instagram account.

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