KTM manufactures some of the finest adventure rally bikes in the world. If you own one, you’d be pretty satisfied with its performance. But how good an adventure rally bike is if it’s not ridden in its natural environment? We tend to buy such bikes but because of many reasons (mostly work), we don’t really get a chance to ride them. This is where organized rally events come in.

KTM Amman took the initiative and decided to conduct such an event, thus, the 2019 KTM Adventure Rally was organized. A total of 14 riders from regions like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan participated in the rally. The rally started on 17th April and lasted till 20th April and included 3 riding days.


The first day of the 2019 KTM Adventure Rally began from Amman and took the participants to North Jordan. They covered around 350km in which approx 50km was off-road. This was a good time to test the adventure rally motorcycles.


The second day involved riding to South Jordan from Amman and reaching the beautiful and breathtaking Wadi Rum. The route had some amazing views where the riders halted and took pictures. This day involved riding 530km which included 10km of off-road section.


The last riding day was the journey back to Amman. Two days of riding made the participants a bit tired but the level of excitement and energy was still high. They would have wished that the rally could continue forward like this forever. Anyway, after riding for 520km, everyone reached Amman safe and sound.


An organized rally event like the 2019 KTM Adventure Rally is a great platform where adventure rally bike owners can participate and unleash the full potential of their bikes. They also interact with other similar bikers. In the end, the whole experience of the rally changes your perception not only towards adventure riding but also life.


Congratulations and kudos to KTM Amman to successfully organize the 2019 Adventure Rally. We hope that there would be more such events in the future.