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The holy month of Ramadan is here once again. It’s a special and blessed time and everyone wants to spend it with their loved ones. Ramadan does bring joy and peace, however, we can’t ignore the fact that the traffic condition during this period becomes worse. Therefore, it’s necessary that we all should be extra cautious and careful on the roads and ride safely.

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Why the rush?

Fasting during Ramadan has several effects on our body, like dehydration, low blood sugar level, etc.. Also, the unusual and irregular meal timings and sleep patterns take a toll on our body. As a result, we tend to feel exhausted and fatigued. This could also affect our ability to focus, concentrate, and react. The combination of all this could result in impatience and distraction. This is certainly unwanted especially when you’re on the roads.

The pre-iftar time becomes a rush hour on the roads as people want to reach their homes for Iftaar. Fasting the whole day creates different psychological and physical urges which could cause people to misbehave on roads. This creates traffic congestions, jams, and causes accidents.

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Tips for safe riding

1- Being a ‘weaker traffic participant’, motorcyclists should be extra careful during Ramadan.

2- Ride in a defensive manner and watch out for potentially irrational behaviour of other traffic participants.

3- Try to stay off the roads just before Iftar.

4- Leave a bit early, plan for possible delays, and have a buffer. This will help to avoid rushing and speeding.

5- Be extra cautious at traffic signals even when the light is green.

6- If possible, stay off the roads or use public transport for commuting.

So, these were some of the tips for safe riding that we should follow this Ramadan. The Police will, of course, try to handle the dense traffic condition, but why not be a responsible motorist and help yourself, others, as well as the policemen.

Share your safe riding tips with us. We wish you a happy and safe Ramadan!