Saudi Arabia recently lifted off the driving ban which didn’t allow women to drive an automobile. Now, women in Saudi Arabia can legally drive around without any problems. However, some women showed interest in riding a motorcycle than driving a car after the ban was lifted.


Arab News reported that a few women who have interest in motorcycles were getting training at a sports arena in the center of the Capital, Riyadh.

Alia Abu Dhuhair, a Saudi banker from Tabuk, told reporters that she had been passionate about bikes since she was young. She said, “I love motorcycles because it reminds me of the good old days when we used to go to the beach. We used to ride them there.”

She added, “It made me feel happy and free. I wish to ride a motorcycle instead of a car. It is faster, without any parking hassles and one feels free and cool.”

The training program offers full training with all the necessary riding gear. However, not many women enrolled in the program because of the lack of female trainers and a high fee.