triumph trident 660 slippery sam rear quarter

Triumph has introduced the new Trident 660 Slippery Sam. It is indeed an eye-catching name and chances are that most of you out there don’t really know what this name is all about.

triumph trident 660 slippery sam headlamp

Well, with the Trident 660 Slippery Sam, Triumph is paying homage to one of its most famous racing motorcycles – the 750cc Trident racer – that has put many race wins under its belt.

triumph trident 660 slippery sam cockpit and tank

This race machine was used to compete on short circuits and roads such as the Isle of Man TT. Its eye-catching name comes from the Bol d’Or 24-hour race. The bike was racing against other production machines, but as was the way with production bikes back then, they used to leak a bit of oil. Slippery Sam ended up caking its fairings and riders in the stuff, earning it the rather awkward yet unforgettable name.

triumph trident 660 slippery sam

The Triumph Trident 660 Slippery Sam edition gets a nice-looking “67” on its fuel tank. The motorcycle also features a new paint scheme for an attractive look. Apart from that, Triumph has also thrown in a quickshifter in the mix. A few other features include a belly pan and a colour-matching fly screen.