Vyrus Alyen-uae-dubai

Taking motorcycle customization to a whole new level, Vyrus has built a 205 horsepower Alyen which indeed looks like a creature from another world. This isn’t the first time the Italian custom motorcycle company has come up with such a bizarre yet beautiful machine. Its previous builds were unique too, however, the Vyrus Alyen is something on two-wheels we haven’t seen before!

The Vyrus Alyen looks like a motorcycle straight out of a sci-fi movie, that too with a big budget. It has a design which is aggressively aerodynamic and features sharp lines and body panels. Of course, as expected, Vyrus has used a generous amount of carbon-fibre in building this motorcycle. The Alyen has a dominating side profile, however, it’s the front view that mesmerizing. So much so that you’d need a moment to take it all in, digest, and admire the amazing artwork. Italians, how do they do it?

Apart from the extraordinary aesthetics, the Vyrus Alyen also packs some top-of-the-line equipment. It has push-rod type suspension setup, hydraulic wired steering system, lightweight magnesium frame, and a 1285cc L-Twin liquid-cooled engine extracted from a Ducati 1299 Panigale! This thing produces 205 horsepower at 10.5k revs and is mated to a 6-speed ‘box. We suppose these many ponies should be enough to provide some thrilling time on this machine, wouldn’t they?

Speaking of riding, the Vyrus Alyen is, of course, a limited edition model and not everyone will get a chance to ride it. As of now, the company hasn’t disclosed as to how many units will it make or much will the Alyen cost.