Quin Spitfire full-face helmet-uae-dubai

Quin Design Helmets has announced its 2020 product line-up which includes open-face helmets, full-face helmets, and even helmets made up of carbon-fibre. The company’s latest products also feature the IntelliQuin Smart Technology System.

The Quin McQ

The Quin McQ is a range of 3/4 open-face helmets. They have polycarbonate shells and are DOT certified. They also come equipped with an integrated Bluetooth communication system as well as Quin Design’s proprietary Intelliquin system.

Quin McQ open-face helmet-uae-dubai

The IntelliQuin Smart Technology System detects crashes, pinpoints the accident location, and messages emergency contacts automatically. Intelliquin also offers a live SOS (Save Our Souls) emergency beacon and tracking system that riders can activate which follows the same contact protocol to message emergency contacts with a live trackable location, a first in the Powersports business.

For an MSRP of USD 299, the Quin McQ range of helmets should gel well with the cafe racers and retro motorcycle riders.

The Quin Spitfire

The Spitfire is Quin’s polycarbonate, ECE 22.05 and DOT certified full-face helmet that has an MSRP of USD 399. They offer a drop-down sun visor, integrated Bluetooth, and Quin’s proprietary Intelliquin system. These helmets are available in different colour options.

Quin Spitfire full-face helmet-uae-dubai

The Spitfire Nero is matte black with white and yellow stripes and a yellow and black quilted interior. The Spitfire Rosso is a deep matte red with black stripes and a black and red quilted interior. A dark smoke visor is available as an option for an extra USD 44.99.

The Quin Ghost

New for 2020 is the ultra-light, carbon-fibre Ghost helmet from Quin. To develop this, the company benchmarked the world’s lightest racing helmets. The result is a helmet that weighs 2.88 lbs or 1.38 kg! That’s super lightweight.

In the pursuit of achieving the lightest helmet possible, Quin developed a custom 3-stage dying process for the Umbra helmet. The dye is applied to the carbon-fibre after being treated with a translucent pearlescent white finish. This process is substantially more weight-efficient and fade-resistant than most popular paint/graphics jobs.

Quin Ghost carbon-fibre helmet-uae-dubai

The Quin Ghost is ECE 22.05 and DOT certified and meets or exceeds FIM specifications approved by most racing organizations globally. The Ghost comes in two colour options – the Ghost Zero has a matte finish while the Ghost Umbra features a two-tone gloss carbon-fibre and translucent, pearlescent red finish.

Both Ghost models offer integrated Bluetooth and Intelliquin system and can be fitted with an optional dark smoke shield that costs an extra USD 49.99.

Quin Design Helmets is also working on a new carbon-fibre modular/adventure helmet that will set a new standard for this category of helmets with an ultra-low weight, safety and comfort. We are expecting to learn more about it in the coming months.