wooden hayabusa model left side

Are you feeling a little fatigued from the countless LEGO models crowding your shelves? If you’re seeking a new challenge that combines craftsmanship with a touch of elegance, look no further than the Wooden Hayabusa Kit. Departing from the plastic bricks, this innovative model offers enthusiasts a refreshing alternative and a chance to engage in a new kind of assembly experience.

Crafted by a Japanese firm, this kit caters to fans of the iconic Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. But what sets it apart? It’s not just another run-of-the-mill model. Constructed from laser-cut wooden pieces, the kit arrives as a flat sheet, presenting builders with a puzzle waiting to be solved. Each piece is meticulously numbered, guiding builders through the intricate assembly process. However, be prepared for a challenge; with hundreds of individual parts, this project demands patience and precision.

wooden hayabusa model parts

But it’s not just about the thrill of assembly. The Wooden Hayabusa Kit boasts environmental credentials too. Sourced from FSC-certified forests, the wood used in this model is a testament to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. So, while you indulge in your hobby, you can also feel good about your environmental footprint.

Once completed, the model stands as a testament to your skill and dedication. At 146.8mm long, 78mm high, and 58mm wide, it’s a compact yet striking addition to any collection. However, there’s a catch – these kits are currently only available in Japan, posing a challenge for enthusiasts abroad.

wooden-Hayabusa-model-front quarter

Nevertheless, for those with a passion for model building and a desire for something beyond the ordinary, the Wooden Hayabusa Kit looks like a promising option. So, if you’re ready to rev up your creativity and embark on a new adventure, why not give this unique kit a try? Who knows, it might just reignite your love for model building in a whole new way.