Oleg Lavrov-Messer Engraving-Ukraine-uae-dubai

‘Motorcycles are a type of artwork’, wouldn’t you agree? Designing a motorcycle is so much more than providing high-speed stability, increasing aerodynamic efficiency, shedding off the extra kilos, and all the other technical bits and pieces. Of course, they are significant. However, producing a beautiful and artistic motorcycle is also important and quite a difficult task.

While motorcycle brands are brainstorming to come up with more artistic designs for their future products, there’s a big chunk of people who have stepped into motorcycle customisation and have showcased some mind-blowing and extraordinary artwork. One such artist is Oleg Lavrov.

Oleg Lavrov lives in Ukraine and has been working the magic of his hands for many years now. He is also a bike-lover. In 2012, he combined his two passions, motorcycles and art, and gave them a name – Messer Engraving. Today, Messer Engraving has become a brand.

Having a workshop in Kiev, Oleg works with different kind of metals – aluminium, copper, silver – and use various techniques to create marvellous products. His work requires the utmost precision, patience, and years of experience. There’s no room for error. And that’s one of the reasons why Oleg feels proud every time he finishes off a job successfully.

Here, watch him work and you will know what we are talking about.

Considering the popularity of motorcycle customisation here in Dubai, we thought of sharing Oleg Lavrov’s work with you guys. Who knows, perhaps, his breathtaking artwork would fill the missing piece of someone’s custom build.