Yamaha Motors Sponsorship

Al Yousuf Motors, got us accustomed to delivering excellence in all industry schemes, and particularly in the competition arena. They are proud sponsors of variety of athletes in the UAE, supporting them to meet their targets and emerge as winners. Extending this support through their product range.

Yamah Motors UAE

Bike Nation Magazine has attended the sponsorship agreement signing between Yamaha Motors, represented by Mr. Mohammad Al Yousuf, Vice President Marketing, and Abdullah Al Nuaimi, the young Emirati Motocross champion. The event was also attended by Mr. Atiq Mubrak, Director General of Emirates Motor Sports Federation.

During the event, we had the chance of an exclusive interview with Mr. Al Yousuf, and we talked about his vision about the future of Motorcycle industry in the UAE.

Mr. Al Yousuf enjoying his copy of BNM

Supporting the UAE Champions

Based on the strategy adopted by Al Yousuf Motors to support and encourage talented sportspersons in the UAE, they have announced their sponsorship to Abdullah Al Nuaimi in the Motocross category. Abdullah is a young Emirati champion, who has proved himself during the past few years, and has been granted the creative sports award from H.H Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai. We will following Abdullah in the upcoming competitions and will report all his news to our readers.

Yamaha Motors Sponsorship

In the interview, Mr. Al Yousuf said, “Al Yousuf Motors is promoting safe and fun environment for young riders, which should change the reckless stereotype of motorbike riders and mainly the young ones, hence the focus now is to support young talents t achieve great results on the track with Yamaha products, and in turn will inspire other young riders to follow the same path.


Vision into the future

Mr. Al Yousuf said that the future of motorcycles and Motorsports in the UAE looks bright, and with the development of the community over the past few years, there will be more enhancement and further development in the coming years, mainly for the street and cruise bikes.


Service Excellence

Al Yousuf Motors always looks for ways to improve the quality of service they are providing, and to represent creative and outstanding services that will make the life of Yamaha riders easy and stress free. Yamaha Motors recently introduced a portable mini workshop, the workshop goes to the bike instead of the other way around. Mr. Al Yousuf said that lots of Yamaha owners mentioned that due to time restrictions, they are not able to service their bikes regularly and mainly at the beginning of the season, so Yamaha Motors came up with this idea to ensure services are done, and riders’ safety is not jeopardized, all done at the owner’s resident or office.


EMSF Rewards Al Yousuf Motors


EMSF award to Al Yousuf Motors

On the other hand, and during the event, Mr. Atiq Mubarak, the Emirates Motor Sports Federation represented and award to Al Yousuf Motors recognizing their usual support and sponsorship to UAE athletes, particularly in the Motor Sport field. Mr. Atiq Mubarak, Director General of Emirates Motor Sports Federation (EMSF) represented an award and certificate of appreciation to Al Yousuf Motors for their usual support to the motor sports community, stressing that these actions of supports will definitely enhance the future of the Motorsports in the UAE, and encouraging the private section to follow Al Yousuf Motors in supporting the community.

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