ARCH Motorcycles had a drool-worthy lineup of new and updated motorcycles at their pavilion at 2017 EICMA: KRTGT-1, 1S, and the lovely Method143 Roadster.

ARCH Motorcycles has had a pretty good run till date. The KRGT-1 is a hugely successful model. It offers so much flexibility in customisation that no two KRGT-1 units are same. Updated for 2018, the KRGT-1 gets new suspension, ergonomic revisions, better brakes, all working together to tame the fiery 2032 cc air-cooled V-Twin engine.

A new model debuted at 2017 EICMA, the 1S, which is essentially a sportier performance cruiser based on the KRGT-1. It uses CNC machined aluminium and carbon fiber components to bring kerb weight down for a more agile platform. Exotic parts include an aluminium single-sided swingarm and carbon fiber BST wheels.

The real crowd-puller at the show has to be the delectable looking ARCH Method143. This model is a major departure for ARCH Motorcycles, which has primarily been making performance cruisers. The Method143 is a roadster, with mid-body rearset footpegs, clip-on handlebars, and a more committed rider’s triangle than the other two cruisers.

The ARCH Lineup At 2017 EICMA. From Left To Right: KRGT-1, 1S, Method143.

ARCH Motorcycles has decided to go super premium with the Method143, using carbon fiber MonoCell chassis to hold the fire-breathing 2343 cc V-Twin engine. The MonoCell method is used to manufacture chasses for Formula 1 cars and high-end sportscars. Also, the ARCh Method143 gets top-shelf suspension bits. Up front are proprietary Öhlins FGRT series forks with carbon fiber airfoil covers and a monoshock out back.

The wheels are made of carbon fiber and designed in the shape of a turbine prop. ARCH Motorcycles made the design, while BST manufactures the wheels. The rear wheel is hooked up to an aluminium single-sided swingarm, which has been CNC machined by Suter Industries.

ARCH says that the exhaust is inspired from MotoGP tailpipes, using titanium and carbon fiber. The headlight has been designed in-house, and the Method143 will use a cellphone as a dash display. While the unveil at 2017 EICMA was just to show off the design and components of the bike, launch and pricing details are yet to be announced. ARCH Motorcycles sets rather exorbitant prices for their models, so expect the Method143 to be similarly expensive. There will only ever be 23 units made of this ‘concept production’ bike.

Stay tuned for more updates from 2017 EICMA!