yamaha r3-r7-r1-special-livery

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Yamaha’s first-ever entry into a World Grand Prix race, Yamaha has introduced the Special World GP 60th Anniversary Edition livery for the R3, R7, and R1.

yamaha r3-special livery

Inspired by Yamaha’s historic decision to compete in its first World GP race at the 1961 Grand Prix of France, and based on the iconic 60th Anniversary Yamaha white and red chain block livery recently unveiled on the factory YZR-M1 race bikes at this year’s Official MotoGP Test in Qatar, these striking machines pay tribute to Yamaha’s passion for racing and winning at the highest levels of motorsport.

yamaha r7-special livery

Along with the World GP 60th Anniversary color scheme, each bike also includes gold wheels, gold forks, Yamaha factory race-bike Gold Tuning Fork emblems, black levers and special commemorative badging on the airbox cover.

yamah r1-special livery

The special livery of the R3 will be available at dealers in the US this February and cost $5,499 MSRP (AED 20,197). The R7 will be available from January for $9,299 MSRP (AED 34,154), and the R1 will be available this November for $18,099 MSRP (AED 66,476).