BMW-R9t-Custom-build- Dubai-Cafe-Racer-Custom-Bike-Of-The-Month

When BMW Motorrad dished out the RnineT, everyone took notice, especially the custom builders. No other motorcycle has received such attention since the café racer scene picked up over the last few years. This modern classic has the perfect base and the retro charm to please most schools of thought and over the last few years we’ve seen some incredible builds from builders all around the world. One such incredible build is right here in the UAE, owned by Nikhil, an avid rider and a motorcycle aficionado.

BMW-R9t-Custom-build- ubai-

Nikhil didn’t commission this build, he built it himself with help from one of Dubai’s leading BMW Motorrad enthusiast, Vijay Pillai who owns Max Garage, where this motorcycle was painted and assembled. Researching and learning from his past builds, he conceptualized this motorcycle before ordering a selection of parts from aftermarket suppliers from all over the world. However, this whole build isn’t just a bold-on exercise, it is a very well thought after and a lovingly put together piece of art.

BMW-R9t-Custom-build- Dubai-

Lets start from the front end. The most noticeable difference between this motorcycle and a stock BMW RnineT is upside down Ohlins setup. Additional parts include a Rizoma fly screen, clip-on bars, Rizoma master and brake cylinders, Beringer hand controls, a beautiful Möto gadget speedo, Rizoma turn signals, Rizoma front fender, a 1927 BMW tank badge and the Rizoma fuel filler cap. Moving towards the engine, it gets a Rizoma engine cover at the front and RSD cylinder head covers. The air box has been eliminated and K&N air pods have replaced the stock air filter. Stock exhaust has been replaced by a full Akrapovic header and muffler setup. The rear end features a Luimoto Alcantara seat cover, Rizoma foot sets, BMW rear storage hump, Ohlins rear shocks, Revival cycles side license plate holder and Rizoma brake lights. This motorcycle rides on some very good-looking Kineo Custom wheels shod with Pirelli Angel GT tyres.

BMW-R9t-Custom-build- Dubai-RSD-Engine-Cover

All of these mods haven’t taken away much from the ride comfort. The stance and the riding position is more aggressive and even while riding, you can’t help but notice the attention to detail put into this build. Nothing feels out of place and the more I rode this motorcycle, the more I got used to its ergonomics. One thing I couldn’t get over was the exhaust note. Being a fan of BMW’s boxer twin, I already like the rumble emanating from the stock pipes. The Akrapovic setup took the exhaust note to a whole new level.

BMW-R9t-Custom-build- Dubai-Akrapovic-exhaust

In the world of custom motorcycles, where each motorcycle is built to suit a particular taste, it is hard to judge one from the other. Why is it built that way? Why that paint scheme? Why those wheels? These are just some of the questions that come to mind but it’s one that you don’t need answers for. As long as the owner is happy with his machine, all else is irrelevant.

BMW-R9t-Custom-build- Dubai-Cafe-Racer

This is one of the most tastefully built motorcycle that I’ve come across and by the looks of it, it will remain one of the best motorcycles I’ve ever ridden.