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Image courtesy - RideApart

If you are a biker, there must have been a time in your life when you would have spoken ‘motorcycle’. Yeah, that’s right. ‘Motorcycle’ isn’t just the machine we ride, it is also a language! However, only pure bikers understand it.

It’s a mesmerising and beautiful language. Two bikers can communicate using ‘motorcycle’ and explain to each other about various things like how is their bike performing or how did they take that fast sweeping corner.

While bikers might be accustomed to speaking ‘motorcycle’, non-bikers would find the language weird and even supernatural! Watching bikers speak ‘motorcycle’ when you don’t understand that language could be a very funny scene. Just like any other language, ‘motorcycle’ too, has syllables that are hilarious.

Here’s a true example of ‘motorcycle’. Dani Pedrosa, one of the most famous MotoGP riders, fluently speaking ‘motorcycle’ after riding the RedBull KTM RC16. He’s clearly trying to explain to his team members about the issue the bike has.

Did you have any such moments in your life when you’re caught speaking ‘motorcycle’ in a public place and people were in awe?