Triumph Tiger 900 in action

Triumph has launched a new “Riding Essentials” clothing collection with an emphasis on keeping riders warm, dry, and safe when on their motorcycle.

This collection is focused exclusively on technical rider functionality. The new line of packable, essential utility products can be stored within easy reach of the rider. As true riders and enthusiasts, Triumph knows the importance of having the right gear, to complement the right bike. When a rider is prepared for all the elements, they can fully enjoy a safe and comfortable riding experience.

Triumph riding essentials

The primary design consideration for these quick to grab and throw on products is their need to be accessible to the rider. As such, the products are engineered to be stored in reach of the rider at all times for quick and easy access. To achieve this, most items in the collection have been designed to pack down neatly into their own storage compartment, enabling the rider to keep the product staged in on-bike storage or a backpack, and ready to use whatever the weather condition dictates.

With cold weather riding already upon us, this collection would help the passionate riders enjoy as many safe and comfortable riding days as possible.

The collection features several distinct areas including, Reflect, Hi-Viz, Storm Guard, and Base Layers, which are described in more detail below.


Triumph riding essentials reflective

The gear includes a Reflective Fabric which is constructed from tiny glass beads that bounce the light source such as headlights directly back to the source rather than disperse in all directions like a white fabric would. This controls and intensifies the light back which ensures increased rider visibility in dark conditions.


Triumph riding essentials hi-viz

Natural ultraviolet rays from the sun react with fluorescent materials within this garment, making them appear brighter and as a result increasing visibility during the day. The effect is stronger in low light conditions such as wet weather and fog.

Storm Guard

Triumph riding essentials storm guard

Waterproof protection in extreme weather conditions. Constructed using TriTech technology, this product is engineered for full waterproof protection. The outer fabrics are designed to repel water from the surface and prevent water from entering. Waterproof protection, heat-sealed tape applied to the seams to prevent water leaking through.

Base Layer

Triumph riding essentials base layer

Comfort and flexibility whilst riding is essential. Ergonomically engineered to offer maximum comfort whilst helping to maintain your core temperature. The superior construction allows perspiration to evaporate away from the body. Evaporation uses lots of energy and lowers the body temperature, this is why it is essential not to get too sweaty but keep warm whilst riding in the cold.