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Motorcycling is an amazing passion. It’s something which can’t be expressed in words. For most of us, it’s a perfect synonym of freedom. However, this freedom comes at a cost. Although bliss, motorcycling is undoubtedly a dangerous act. A biker on a road is more vulnerable than a driver in a car. And most of the accidents involving motorcycles and other road users are due to driver error and not the fault of the motorcycle rider. So, Bike Nation and RIDE SAFE UAE have joined hands to promote and improve motorcycle safety in the UAE because it is paramount.

What is Ride Safe UAE?

This is a teaser of an upcoming video series by RIDE SAFE UAE.

RIDE SAFE UAE brings together a group of like-minded motorcycling enthusiasts, supporting organizations, and employers who are focused on improving motorcycle safety in the Middle East. Its primary objective is to spread motorcycle safety awareness amongst riders and other road users via various platforms like website articles, workshops, research and insights, awareness campaigns, riders skills courses, etc.

Bike Nation and RIDE SAFE UAE collaboration

RIDE SAFE UAE has taken up a much-needed initiative in motorcycle safety in the Middle East. At Bike Nation, we totally understand and appreciate RIDE SAFE UAE’s motive and goal. Motorcycle safety has always taken a back seat in society. There’s a lack of safety awareness among the people which leads to unfortunate accidents. Consequently, the entire motorcycling community takes the hit and people tend to stay away from this beautiful activity and machines.

Yes, motorcycling is dangerous and it always will be. However, if people are much more aware of motorcycle safety, we can certainly bring down the accident count and reduce injuries sustained by motorcyclists in road traffic accidents and off road, and make the UAE a safer and more appealing place for motorcyclists to ride and enjoy.–0-vVs2cJMRw21o62nva3U56G_5CbRIz0BS26oeXOvStjY21vwhaCjELOcYQVj0f7&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARD11vaR-xot-SxbNkUG_7HkBKbUaKjBsnzwIrEnijCk2YwNKQ-tM–sN9gUqWIddwphlqe6LtADKV1z9dnuVHKk8Yevc99fTaTs-LypHN8RfOUgZOrjsc24CQ7xm68tfD4wSTRALz-8scsk_KQCcUOOkgBSn6GDBEvYRXcAjcXSW1UnJwbash9GOPeWEj6SU3UnrYmLdV9157xl7CxlW1RMXRhzGrb9poP_w4vaYvEFuk380M3pCiTxieWfYZs0yJCKpNKz1inL4M23H9PXzqBBUZgLI2K3JfJHu5xMom4tflmfp96rzdrl9EaD8J0QVxtO7Fk6HuE2WxzrfjMZZyrNLDjo&__tn__=EHH-R

Bike Nation has collaborated with RIDE SAFE UAE to support its quest of promoting and enhancing motorcycle safety and creating a motorcycle friendly environment through knowledge sharing, coaching, mentoring and ongoing awareness initiatives.

In the past, we’ve seen numerous initiatives by RIDE SAFE UAE to promote motorcycle safety awareness among the people of the UAE, and we really appreciate them. Now, with Bike Nation on board as well, we now have a chance to spread such initiatives to more and more people. Also, we’ll be notifying you guys about the upcoming activities that RIDE SAFE UAE would come up with in the future. Till then, ‘ride safe, UAE’.