Moh’d AL-BALLOSHI 1st place-Jordan Baja 2019-uae-dubai
Moh’d AL-BALLOSHI - 1st place

Today, a phenomenal Jordan Baja 2019 finally came to an end. Three days of pure rallying in the deserts of Jordan pushed the participants and their machines to the extremes. The impossible terrain and harsh environmental conditions made the entire Baja that much more difficult and thus, challenging.

All the participants showcased nerve-cracking performance and there was also an applaudable, respectable gesture and display of sportsmanship by one of the riders which we will talk about in just a moment. Everyone gave 100% and we’d like to congratulate them for that. However, just like any other sport, we have to have a winner. Here are the final results of the Jordan Baja 2019.

Jordan Baja 2019 Final Results-uae-dubai
Jordan Baja 2019 Final Results

Moh’d AL-BALLOSHI (UAE) rode exceptionally well since the beginning of the race. He took a good lead ahead astride his KTM 450 Rally in stage 1 and continued his winning streak in the following stages. His unparalleled talent and determination led him to clock a total time of 8:25:16 and secure the 1st place in CAT1.

Abdullah AL-SHATTI - 2nd place - Jordan Baja 2019-uae-dubai
Abdullah AL-SHATTI – 2nd place

With a total time of 9:40:52, it was Abdullah AL-SHATTI (Kuwait) who stood 2nd in CAT1. He too showcased supreme determination to grab the podium and was right behind the leader since stage 1. Finally, he and his KTM 450 Rally successfully crossed the line.

The third spot (CAT1) on the podium was won by Sultan AL-BALLOSHI who gave the beans to his Kawasaki KX450F throughout the race. He gained a place in stage 2 to reach the 3rd spot and stayed there till the end of the race. However, after crossing the finish line he encountered an engine failure and couldn’t ride back to the service area.

Abdullah ABU AISHEH pushing Sultan to service area-Jordan Baja 2019-uae-dubai
Abdullah ABU AISHEH pushing Sultan to service area

To have his overall 3rd position in place, he needed to reach the service area astride his bike. And Abdullah ABU AISHEH came to his rescue. He crossed the finish line at 4th place and met Sultan on his way to the service area. He decided to push Sultan from Wadi Rum to the service area in Aqaba, which is about 80+ km. And when they reached the service area, ABU AISHEH made sure that it was Sultan who entered the service area before him so that he doesn’t lose points!

This was such a great gesture by the Jordanian rider and definitely one of the best moments of the entire Jordan Baja 2019. We salute him for his act. Respect earned, ABU AISHEH! And apart from his 4th place overall, ABU AISHEH also won 1st place CAT 2.

Abdullah BOSHMAF and Saif AL-ABBADI finished in 5th and 6th place respectively. Hamzeh AL-ZAWAHREH, who was in the 6th place in stage 2, didn’t finish the race. Although Ata AL-HMOUD returned in stage 2 even after he met with a gruesome accident in stage 1, unfortunately, he too wasn’t able to finish the race.

So that’s a wrap from the Jordan Baja 2019! We sure had an outstanding experience covering the entire race. Until next time, ciao!