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Indian Motorcycle has announced its ‘Start Your Engines’ campaign to save riders money as they get their motorcycles ready to roll into the riding season with 20% off on maintenance parts, oil, service parts, and Shine & Care products.

With the ‘Start Your Engines’ campaign, it’s the ideal time for riders to book their Indian Motorcycle in for a dealer service to ensure the consistent, reliable, and optimum performance of their motorcycle, save money, and get ready for when Spring knocks on the garage door.

Indian Pursuit closeup

And once the mechanical details are taken care of, the 20% discounts on the Indian Motorcycle Shine & Care range are the perfect way for owners to keep their Indian Motorcycle as beautiful as the day it left the factory. The Shine & Care products are specially designed to offer the best care possible to clean, polish and preserve every surface.

Available at participating Indian Motorcycle dealers, the ‘Start Your Engines’ offer runs from the 11th of April until the 31st of May 2022.