Indian FTR 1200

Indian Motorcycle has issued a recall for the FTR 1200 motorcycle due to a coolant problem. As per a media report, the company is recalling FTR 1200, FTR 1200 S and FTR 1200 Rally models manufactured during 2019 – 2020 and in 2022.

The report says that due to a faulty coolant junction part, that is specific to the Indian FTR platform, hot coolant loss is possible during the operation of the motorcycle. The leaked coolant could splash on the rider and/or rear tyre of the bike which could turn out to be pretty dangerous.

2020 Indian FTR Rally-uae-dubai
FTR 1200 Rally

The coolant issue was identified by Indian Motorcycle in Feb 2022 during development testing. The hot coolant leaked and came into contact with the test rider. Post this, the company began investigating the issue with its component part supplier, and started performing additional testing.

It is being said that this recall has affected a total of 6,315 units of Indian FTR 1200 models. Affected VINs range from 56KRTA220K3138832 to 56KRZS25XN4017528 and are non-sequential.

It is to be noted that this recall is currently applicable in the US only.