Harley-Davidson 338cc parallel-twin bike-uae-dubai

Last year, we reported about Harley-Davidson’s low-displacement motorcycle getting into production. It is being manufactured by Chinese motorcycle giant Qianjiang (also the owner of the Benelli brand) after HD and itself had a partnership. Now, as per the latest findings, Baby Harley is expected to be launched in June 2020.

This information comes from a leaked Benelli document which also has details about Benelli’s other upcoming products. With its new 338cc motorcycle, HD eyes to get a firmer grip in the Chinese and other Asian markets.

Harley Davidson-338cc-bike-uae-dubai
Leaked document

As of now, we don’t know what Harley would name it. But what we do know is that it will share its engine and frame with Benelli 302S and Harley-Davidson will take care of other parts like suspension, bodywork, etc.

If things go as planned, we could see this 338cc HD in June this year, however, its availability here in the Middle East is still unsure.