Martinette Van Vuuren-Grit Girls UAE
Martinette Van Vuuren founder of Grit Girls UAE

In a recent turn of events, Grit Girls UAE founder Martinette Van Vuuren has been named the Brand Ambassador of KTM UAE. Vuuren has had been very active in promoting off-road motorcycling, especially amongst the women, and KTM brand in the UAE.

Vuuren, who is also an animal lover, founded Grit Girls UAE to encourage more people to get into off-road motorcycling. It is an open riders community aimed at encouraging ladies to enter the sport, unleashing their inner grit and determination alongside the best of the best. Her group is a clear example that how dedication, passion, and hard work anything is possible; in her case building of a powerful and inclusive community.

Grit Girls UAE-1

KTM is one of the leading names when it comes to off-road motorcycling. You can get an idea of how good it is in what it does by the fact that KTM has been winning the Dakar (bike category) for the last 18 consecutive years before Dakar 2020. And it uses all that knowledge and years of experience to build its road-legal motorcycles.

Grit Girls UAE

A brand that has dedicated its entire existence to the world of off-road motorsports – KTM, and a women rider who loves dirt bikes and started her own group to promote off-road motorsport – Martinette Van Vuuren, both are like two sides of a coin and have now come together.

Image source – Grit Girls UAE