Sitting on an upturned cinder block in their garage and flipping through the pages of motorcycle magazine, molding every part and particle of whatever fancies them in their mental garage. This is not a unique scenario. Customisers, when they are not customising, spend their time imagining what can be done to existing bikes.

Yamaha’s Yard Built program seeks these dreamers and innovators from around the world and lets them showcase their creative genius by transforming Yamaha motorcycles into what are known as Yard Built Specials.


This year’s program is set rolling with the all-new Yamaha SCR950, designed by builder Jeff Palhegyi. Jeff hails from California and has had his fair share of working with Yamaha motorcycles over the last two decades.

The inspiration for Jeff’s design comes from the Big Bear Scrambler. It features the inlaid Yamaha logo and rubber knee grips on the fuel tank, two-tone paint and a custom exhaust system with heat shields.


This is a motorcycle that’s at home whether it’s getting lost in the jungle or pumping in some air in your hair by the beach. This mix of functionality and alluring design is what makes this one a worthy star in the long list of Yard Built Specials.