The Ducati Monster is set to travel all over the world thanks to the “Monster Experience AR”, a digital experience available on the Ducati website. The initiative launched by the Bologna-based motorcycle company uses augmented reality technology to offer fans from all corners of the globe the opportunity to view the new Monster on their smartphone or tablet at any time.

The operation of the “Monster Experience AR” is simple: just access the site from your smartphone or tablet and select your preferred version of the Monster. At this point, through the camera of your mobile device, Augmented Reality technology allows you to view the bike on the screen, inserted in the environment you are framing.

ducati monster AR

The realistic 3D image allows you to appreciate the modern, sporty and essential design of the bike and to discover all its details up close. Enthusiasts can view the vehicle inside their garage, parked on the side of their favourite road or in any other place they want. In addition, the technology allows you to change the size or rotate the Monster as desired and take a picture to share with friends or with your trusted dealer before booking a test ride.

The new Monster is a concentrate of fun and is ready to give pleasure to new generations thanks to brilliant and easy-to-manage performance, a nimble and intuitive chassis and state-of-the-art electronics. It is available in the Monster and Monster Plus versions in three different colours: Ducati Red, Aviator Grey and Dark Stealth. All six versions and colour combinations are accessible through the “Monster Experience AR” augmented reality experience.