Motorcycles come in different shapes and sizes and each one of us has that one type of motorcycle that we like. No matter which motorcycle you like, there’s no denying the appeal and the charm of an old school bobber. Essentially, it’s nothing more than a tank, two wheels and an engine, the quintessential formula of what makes a motorcycle.

One such beautiful piece of motorcycling creation is this bobber, built by Strokerz, located in DIP in Dubai. Words and photos fail to describe what a gorgeous piece of kit this is. When I first saw it, I had to stand and stare for at least an hour to try and comprehend the level of detail the builders have gone into. Bobbers are essentially stripped down versions of stock motorcycles. A bobbed or shortened fender is pretty much the only essential motorcycle part. A bobber is also much more lightweight and minimalistic with less chrome than a chopper. The origins of the bobber can be traced back to the days when US servicemen returning home from the war began removing motorcycle parts that were not absolutely essential to the basic function of the motorcycle, such as turn indicators and front brakes.


The bobber in focus here isn’t a totally stripped out version and is fully road legal. It’s got an S&S engine, a custom frame, a springer front end and a custom made hand crafted leather seats that compliments its exquisite paint job. I’ve seen many custom bikes and quite good ones at that. Faultless machines with a great amount of work put into them but this is one of those that take things to the next level.


Yes, it isn’t a daily rider and yes, it’s not really that comfortable but do you really care? It is built for a purpose and it serves it beautifully well. It’s for those occasional rides when you want to connect with your machine. When you want to forget about all else and just enjoy that harmonious rumble of that S&S engine.


Also, even though it’s not comparable to a modern motorcycle in terms of tech, features and other creature comforts, it’s in a class of its own and it also costs a bit more to own. There are off-the-showroom options available if you want to get a motorcycle that looks like this but they don’t quite compare when you place then side by side. A custom job is a custom job and there’s always a premium to pay when you are seeking something bespoke.