bmw Automated Shift Assist

BMW has showcased its latest innovation, the Automated Shift Assist (ASA) system, which is an automatic gearbox for motorcycles. Unveiled at a launch event in Munich, this technology promises to simplify the riding experience without compromising the control of shifting gears.

ASA operates alongside BMW’s conventional gearbox models, offering riders the convenience of an automated clutch and shifting mechanism. Unlike traditional automatic transmissions that replace manual gear shifting entirely, ASA enhances the riding experience by automating the clutch and gearshift while still allowing the rider to retain control.

motorcycle clutch lever

The system utilizes two electromechanical actuators to automate the clutch and gearshift of the six-speed transmission. Riders can start smoothly by simply twisting the throttle, similar to riding a scooter, as the clutch is automatically actuated. When coming to a stop, the clutch is engaged without the need for the clutch lever.

A gearshift lever sensor transmits the rider’s shift request to the control unit, which, along with additional sensors monitoring revs and clutch position, determines the appropriate clutch pressure for seamless shifting. ASA offers two shifting modes: ‘M’ mode allows the rider to control gear shifts manually, while ‘D’ mode automatically selects up and downshifts.

2024-bmw-f-900-gs-adventure-right side

One of the key advantages of ASA is the reduction in “shift shock,” the jolt felt during conventional upshifting. BMW claims this reduces the risk of helmet contact between rider and passenger, enhancing comfort and safety.

While BMW has not confirmed the specific models to receive ASA, it is anticipated to be integrated into their large-capacity adventure tourers.