Last month, BMW announced that it will launch its all-new 1800cc power cruiser, the R18, on 3rd April 2020. However, because of the global Coronavirus outbreak, it was being anticipated that the German motorcycle company might postpone the launch. Apparently, it didn’t. The gorgeous BMW R18 has been officially revealed.

Courtesy of the previous spy shots, we did have an idea as to how the BMW R18 would look like. However, now seeing the actual production-spec model, we can’t stop admiring it. Built on a double-cradle steel frame, the R18 flaunts its elegant and flowing design.

Two features of the BMW R18 that you will notice in the first look are the chrome exhausts and, of course, the gigantic boxer engine. The exhausts have an interesting shape which BMW says represents a fishtail. They look great, and thanks to the use of chrome, premium, too.

The 1802cc boxer twin-cylinder engine takes up a lot of space. If you imagine to remove it, there’s hardly anything left in the motorcycle. There’s a good reason for its large size; sheer power and torque. The air/oil-cooled engine produces 91 bhp at 4750 rpm and 157 Nm of torque at 3000 rpm. BMW has used a 6-speed gearbox to transmit the power to the driven wheel via an open drive shaft. Driving this beautiful and 345 kg German cruiser should be fun.

BMW R18-uae-dubai

The starting price of the BMW R18 in the USA is USD 17,495 that is around AED 64,259 as per the current conversion rate. There’s a more expensive variant called the R18 First Edition. BMW also has a few other packages that provide various features like hill-start control, reverse assist, anti-theft alarm, heated grips, etc. Of course, they come at a cost.

Considering the immense popularity of Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle cruisers here in the UAE, BMW is expected to launch its spanking-new R18 in the region. Perhaps, once the health situation normalises, we would get to hear the good news.