Saif’s HD Heritage Softail 100th Anniversary-a

Like most of us riders, Saif also grew affection for riding at an early age. However, he was more inclined towards a very specific set of motorcycles – Harley-Davidsons. He wasn’t passionate about riding the new-age bikes with all the latest tech wizardry. He was more into the old-fashioned, vintage and barebone machines.

Saif’s HD Heritage Softail 100th Anniversary-2

And that’s our story of the day – Saif’s Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail 100th Anniversary; a motorcycle that was built to celebrate a century of making great bikes at the HD factory, and boy, what a celebration bike it is!

Saif’s HD Heritage Softail 100th Anniversary-3

The motorcycle looks quite distinctive, especially in today’s day and age. Features such as the round headlamps, teardrop-shaped fuel tank and thick white pinstripes on the tyres enhance the retro feel of the machine. Also, there is an ample amount of chrome treatment that we can see on the engine, handlebar, rearview mirrors and exhausts. Speaking of exhausts, just look at the bend pipe of the rear cylinder! Another eye-catching feature of this motorcycle is the springer front end. It signifies the age of the bike and also plays a crucial role in the motorcycle’s overall character.

Saif’s HD Heritage Softail 100th Anniversary-4

Saif enjoys riding his old-school Harley. He says that this bike never gets old… you will enjoy looking at this piece of art on any given day. In fact, sometimes Saif just turns the bike on, sits next to her and enjoys his cup of coffee while listening to her beautiful exhaust note. While this is music to our ears, Saif’s neighbours sometimes have a different opinion.

Saif’s HD Heritage Softail 100th Anniversary-5

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