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If you are a part of the vast and happening UAE motorcycle community, then you must have come across the name ‘Bin Anwar’. And if you have been a true Bike Nation follower, then you must remember the amazing blue chopper that this guy had built to support the autism organizations in the region.

Today, we will talk about Bin Anwar’s most recent build and share the story of a dream turning into reality.

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The story starts with a 2012 Harley Davidson Sportster that was bought by one of Bin Anwar’s friends to start riding. Just like how we all dreamt about upgrading and customizing our rides, this friend did too. However, he wanted to dream a bit further.

The problem:

The thing with the Sportsters is that they represent great, small-size bikes from the HD lineup. And this was a bit problematic for the owner because he had a good physical build and looked a bit odd on his motorcycle. He felt that his ride is unable to match and portray his actual and true personality. Nevertheless, he liked how smooth and reliable the bike was and didn’t want to lose that edge.

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Seeking a solution:

Knowing that his friend Bin Anwar is an avid bike builder, the owner decided to give it a try and share his thoughts with him.

Bin Anwar realized that the bike needs to keep the reliability factor, hence, no major changes to the engine have to be made. However, the powerplant needs to be fed with twice the amount of fuel. So, changing the peanut-sized Sportster’s fuel tank was one of the first things to do.

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To match the physical build of the owner, Bin Anwar decided to go ahead with the chopper-style. So, he extended the front forks and adjusted the frame and triple tree to accommodate the bike’s extra length.

Next was the handlebar. Bin Anwar built one from scratch to complement the bike’s aesthetics. He also changed the controls and pushed them forward to ensure that the riding experience was more comfortable. To impart a unique touch, the motorcycle has been finished in a handpicked color that’s one-of-a-kind.

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The result is a motorcycle that continues to have its reliability factor but gained some striking visual elements that have changed the way the machine looks. In simple words, it’s badass. It has the modern tech along with the old-school character.

Bin Anwar transformed the owner’s dream into a reality. While the owner is over the moon with his tinkered set of wheels, Anwar is not done yet. We heard him talking about changing the stock rear wheel to fit a 300 mm fat tyre. So stay tuned for some pictures of the aftermath.

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If you own a motorcycle and are looking to give it a TLC, then we recommend having a chat with Bin Anwar and we are sure he will make your dreams come true as well.

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