triumph daytona 660 front quarter teaser

Triumph Daytona is undoubtedly one of the most popular and desired motorcycles among enthusiasts. The head-turning styling, super sport riding position and of course, the sweet symphony of the very capable inline 3-cylinder engine – this is a combination of a fantastic riding experience.

Unfortunately, the Triumph Daytona 675 left us quite a while ago and since then, there hasn’t been any sign of it returning. Meanwhile, the company continued to produce brilliant motorcycles, however, none of them could offer the riders what the Daytona did.

triumph daytona 660 teaser

Now, it seems things are about to change. Considering that Triumph has released a teaser on its social media channels of what is said to be a fully faired 660cc motorcycle. So, are we going to see a brand-new Triumph Daytona?

Since the motorcycle in the teaser is a 660cc model, we are quite confident that is going to draw power from the same 660cc inline 3 engine that we have already seen on the Trident and Tiger Sport. It’s a good motor for sure but it lacks the thrill and adrenaline rush that one would expect from a Daytona.

triumph daytona 660 launch date

At 81 horses, it clearly isn’t the most powerful engine out there. Heck, even the Ninja ZX-4R makes 77 PS! But hey, apples and oranges, right? What we are trying to say is that even though Triumph’s upcoming motorcycle is a 660cc model, we just hope it is tuned right – to suit the Daytona moniker, if it indeed is a Daytona.

What else? The motorcycle will have a dual-LED headlamp setup, we are expecting to see all LEDs elsewhere as well, there should be a fully digital instrument cluster similar to what we have seen on the Trident (not the best looking, honestly), and there will be a few electronics to offer.

Triumph’s inline-3 machine will lock horns with the Aprilia RS 660, a twin-cylinder motorcycle with similar power output figures and quality dripping from all over.