Aprilia has introduced the latest versions of its category-leading superbike and hypernaked, the RSV4 Factory and Tuono V4 Factory. These limited-edition models feature a new colorway and capitalize on significant advancements in applied aerodynamics, resulting in a modern aesthetic with low aerodynamic resistance and significant performance benefits at high speeds.


In addition to aerodynamics, both the RSV4 and Tuono V4 Factory models boast new and improved ergonomics for enhanced rider comfort. The fuel tanks and saddle are designed to fit perfectly with the fairings while providing a comfortable amount of onboard space for a more relaxed riding position.

2023-limited-edition-aprilia-tuono-v4-front tyre

The RSV4 Factory is powered by a revamped 1,099cc V4 engine, the most powerful ever built by Aprilia, with an incredible 217 horsepower, while the Tuono V4 features a 1,077cc V4 engine delivering an impressive 175 horsepower. Both models include the new six-axis Marelli 11MP ECU, full ride-by-wire throttle, and refined APRC operating system with six riding modes, three for the track and three for the road.

2023-limited-edition-aprilia-tuono-v4-front quarter

The RSV4 Factory and Tuono V4 Factory also feature forged aluminum wheel rims, semi-active Ohlins Smart EC 2.0 suspension system, and Brembo Stylema brakes. The motorcycles are equipped with triple LED front headlight units with perimeter DRL lights and Aprilia’s cornering lights, increasing visibility while turning.


Overall, the new RSV4 Factory and Tuono V4 Factory models are designed to offer riders an exceptional and thrilling riding experience with their advanced aerodynamics, improved ergonomics, and cutting-edge technology.