alpinestars tech-air 3 launch

Alpinestars has launched the Tech-Air 3 safety vest for riders. The packable autonomous Airbag System has been designed to be worn over or under a motorcycle jacket, and an effective and practical protection choice for touring riders, urban city commuters, and light off-road adventure riders who want to ride protected.

Engineered to be worn in all weather conditions, the Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 Airbag System’s lightweight construction and packable design allow it to be quickly and easily folded up and stowed in a backpack or under a scooter’s seat when not in use. The Tech-Air 3 Airbag System is now available in both a men’s version as well as a women’s Stella version, with an ergonomically designed fit, tailored to the female rider.

alpinestars tech-air 3 internals

Tech-Air 3 incorporates 6 integrated sensors (3 accelerometers (1 triaxial accelerometer), and 3 gyroscopes (1 triaxial gyroscope)) to provide the best crash monitoring performance and active airbag protection in a variety of dynamic street riding scenarios, and even when stopped at a traffic light, for instance.

The Tech-Air 3 is ideal for commuting in the city and adventuring on the road. With Tech-Air 3, commuters and young riders alike can now “Enjoy the ride more,” when riding protected with the Airbag System. Providing coverage to men and women riders, the slim-fitting Tech-Air 3 vest will give motorcyclists the sense of freedom and added confidence that comes with riding the bike and wearing a protective Airbag.