1980 Custom Honda CB650-Black Lanes Motorcycles-uae-dubai

We recently reported about Chopper BL3 ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, a custom-built bike by Black Lanes Motorcycles. Now, we’ve got another of their build which is called 1980 Custom Honda CB650.

As the name suggests, this build is based on Honda CB650. Black Lanes Motorcycles have done various modifications to give it a look which is nowhere close to the parent bike. Most of the parts have been powder coated in high-gloss black for a dark yet attractive appeal. So much so that even the carbs have undergone this treatment.

The fuel tank is taken from a Yamaha XS400. We like how simple it is and how nicely Honda’s logo has been placed. The seat is real-leather, handmade by Sandqvist. It is of the perfect size that suits the bike. We love the clever and creative wooden work that has gone into this custom build. There’s a panel under the seat which runs along the length of the frame rails. Another one is placed at the front which kind of acts like the headlight housing. Again, neatly done and finished. All the woodwork is handmade by Andreas.

The steel handlebar of this custom built is also handmade. It provides an upright riding stance with just a bit of aggressiveness. The LED taillight looks sleek and is nicely flushed with the frame rail. Black Lanes Motorcycles didn’t want to wrap the dual exhaust system so they went ahead with ceramic paint. It looks great with the entire black theme of the bike.

Perhaps, the biggest attraction or the key element in the entire build is the ‘Lucky Bird’ which can be found in Black Lanes Motorcycles’ every project. In this CB650, the Lucky Bird has been placed on the handlebar such that it wouldn’t hinder in riding the bike. Like most of the other parts of this motorcycle, this bird is handmade too. Apart from bringing good luck to the rider, it also bears an exclusive number of the build.