yamaha Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System

Well, this isn’t the first time we’re hearing something about self-balancing motorcycles but we’re glad that different and more manufacturers are working towards improving rider aids and safety systems on two-wheelers.

This time it’s Yamaha who has showcased its latest development that prevents a motorcycle from falling over. It’s called Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System (AMSAS) and it has been designed to reduce low-speed tip-overs.

This system relies on a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) along with drive and steering actuators. At low speeds, the actuators keep the motorcycle upright thanks to inputs from the IMU. You can see in the video above, the development team demonstrates this autonomous balancing act by instructing the test rider to release their grip on the bars.

Yamaha says that it can install and implement its AMSAS in its existing motorcycles without altering the frame.