2024 yamaha tenere 700 explore front quarter

It was only last month when Yamaha revealed the most extreme variant of the Tenere 700. Now, the company has yet again added a new model to its Tenere range of motorcycles and it’s called the Explore. It seems that Yamaha is targeting adventure tourers with this latest model.

2024 yamaha tenere 700 explore front quarter left

The Tenere 700 Explore comes with a lower seat height that would make it accessible by a wider spectrum of riders. Yamaha has also reduced the wheel travel at both ends for better low speed control. Apart from that, the suspension setup has also seen another change in terms of revised spring rate.

2024 yamaha tenere 700 explore front

Considering that riders would use the Tenere 700 Explore for long-distance travelling, Yamaha has come up with a larger and wider windscreen. The Japanese giant has also thrown in the pannier racks as a standard fitment.