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Based on its high-performance setup, WP Suspension launches a new series of premium APEX PRO suspension components for the BMW S 1000 RR. This sports package consisting of APEX PRO 7746 Shock, APEX PRO 7500 Cartridge and APEX PRO 7117 Steering Damper guarantees with outstanding performance and razor-sharp precision that no racetrack or country road is safe from this APEX-Predator. The APEX PRO components were designed with the influence of the experience of the latest motorsport champions and are built to win.

APEX PRO 7746 for BMW S 1000 RR-uae-dubai

The APEX PRO 7746 Shock turns every bike into the ultimate performance machine. With separately adjustable high- and low-speed compression and rebound damping that can be easily adjusted to the track using standard tools, the bike can be adapted to any change in riding conditions in a matter of seconds. Extremely low manufacturing tolerances and the use of high-quality high-tech materials not only ensure constant damping performance but also provide crystal-clear and direct feedback from the ground.

APEX PRO 7500 Cartridge for BMW S 1000 RR-uae-dubai
APEX PRO 7500 Cartridge

The APEX PRO 7500 Cartridge makes the BMW S 1000 RR become one with the road. The cartridge, which is fully adjustable with standard tools, can be adapted to the individual requirements of the rider in just a few simple steps using adjusters for compression and rebound and tickles the motorsport genes out of the BMW S 1000 RR with incredibly efficient and constant damping performance – with the APEX PRO 7500 Cartridge, ground contact is significantly improved and both bike and rider benefit from exceptional agility and increased confidence in the bike and the track.

APEX PRO 7117 Steering Damper for BMW S 1000 RR-uae-dubai
APEX PRO 7117 Steering Damper

The series is topped off by the APEX PRO 7117 Steering Damper. Tailored to the demands of motorsport racing, this steering damper tames all antics of the BMW S 1000 RR and enables extremely agile handling despite rich damping characteristics. Adjustable with little effort directly at the piston rod, the damper is not only an absolute lightweight – its slim design makes it look just as simple and perfectly complements the appearance of the BMW S 1000 RR.

The APEX PRO COMPONENTS for the BMW S 1000 RR are now available at WP Suspension Authorized Centers. Further details can be found at or anyone of WP Suspension Authorized Centers.