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Motorcycle UAE was started in 2014 to cover motorcycling news, events, rides, reviews, pricing and more!

The main focus of this portal is to connect with the motorcycling community in the UAE. Even though UAE is a relatively small country, there is plenty of motorcycling action happening around here and this place is full of passionate and enthusiastic riders.

I try to find free time after my 9-6 job to write about things that interest me and are relevant to the motorcycling community here in the UAE as well as the wider region.

I’m also working on building a database of motorcycle dealers, prices and workshops in the UAE which can be used as a repository by all fellow riders.

I’m very much open to criticism, feedback and suggestions regarding things you see on this blog. It can be anything related to the design, content or any errors in my articles.

Also, last but not the least, if you feel like there is a writer in you and you want to contribute in any way, please get in touch with me and I’ll add you as an author on this blog.

I plan to build a flourishing community around this site that is keen on riding motorcycles and helping out one another.

I’m not a member of any motorcycling clubs but I do ride with a bunch of awesome riders and everyone is welcome to join us.

You can contact me on 

Motorcycle UAE is proud to be associated with RIDE SAFE UAE who are actively promoting rider safety in the region.

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