the urban drill vol 2-BNM-uae-dubai

Are you trying to figure out your weekend plans? Well, don’t. We’ve got you covered and you can thank us later. Bike Nation Magazine is organising a weekend ride on January 24 and it goes by the name ‘The Urban Drill: Vol 2’. It’d be a good opportunity for you to once stop staring at your smartphone’s screen and enjoy the winters.

Building on the success of Vol:1 of this Bike Nation signature gathering, we are back with Vol:2. As the name suggests, this ride is mainly designed with an urban theme in mind. It will be suitable for cafe racers, scramblers, trackers, and urban-style bikes. If you can keep up on your scooter, you’re most welcome to join. On the side note, lend us an ADV and we will organise a ride for ADVs, too.

the urban drill vol 2-BNM-uae-dubai

Following is the ride’s schedule-

Starting point: RAW Cafe
Destination: Raju Omelette in Al Quoz

8 am – Gathering point at RAW Cafe. Yes, you can have your morning caffeine, we won’t chide you as long as you offer us one.

9 am – Ride starts. It’s a medium-distance ride and will take you through highways, narrow roads, some nice twisties, and even some gravel.

10.15 am – Arrival at the destination. Raju Omelette is famous for real authentic Masala Omelette, Paratha, and Karak. If you haven’t been here before, you’d love it. If you have, why didn’t you tell us about this place before?

For those who have a weak memory, here’s the link to the ride’s Facebook Event Page and WhatsApp Group. Join them so you can get a reminder. See you then!

the urban drill vol 2-BNM-uae-dubai


-Kindly fill up your fuel tanks to the brim because we won’t be stopping at any petrol stations during the entire ride.
-Make sure you’ve got some warm clothing on you because it’s going to be chilly at those hours.