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The Middle East is one of those regions in the world where the summers are really intense. During this season, the number of riders out on the roads declines tremendously. Of course, riding in such high temperatures isn’t the wisest thing to do as it can take a toll on your health. Many riders tend to wait for the winters to arrive whereas some travel to other colder countries to enjoy motorcycle tours.

Bike Nation was at the Custom Show Emirates 2019 (CSE) and while we were admiring the custom motorcycles and other stuff at the show, we came across Maria from Romanian Motorcycle Tours. Since it was related to motorcycles and touring was also involved, we thought of sharing it with you guys. So, here’s a quick glimpse of what Romania Motorcycle Tours is all about.

Romania Motorcycle Tours has been in the industry for over a decade now. It has 12 years of experience and offers various tours in Romania. One of them is the 8-days guided tour which costs around Euro 2000 (AED 8,309 as per current conversion rate) per person. If you’re in a group, you can avail a certain discount depending on the size of the group. This package includes everything from bikes, hotels, airport pickup, etc. The tour would offer you some of the world’s best scenic routes with jaw-dropping mesmerizing views.

The usual touring season begins from April and lasts till the end of October. So perhaps, this is the right time to consider it if you want to have outstanding riding experience in Romania and avoid the heat of the UAE.


Romania Motorcycle Tours have a healthy range of BMW motorcycles, from 310cc to 1250cc, which you can choose from to take on of your adventure tours. So depending on your riding expertise, you can pick your ride.

For detailed information, you can contact Romania Motorcycle Tours on their Website, Facebook page, or Instagram