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Stunting is a totally different ballgame. It requires years of practice and patience. Popping a wheelie, doing a burnout, and executing a rolling stoppie is one level, and passing through flaming wooden boards or jumping over trucks is another.

On July 7th, 2019 at the San Bernardino Airport in front of millions of TV viewers, Nitro Circus riders Vicki Golden will push the boundaries on what is possible with a machine. Vicki will be the first woman to attempt the firewall record, riding a new FTR 1200 at high speed through a series of 13 flaming wooden boards.

Accompanying her will be Axell Hodges who will look to break two records, Robbie Knievel’s 2003 record of 24 beverage trucks and the motorcycle distance mark, set in 2011, at 379 feet, 9 inches.

Who is Vicki Golden?

Ever since she stepped onto the motocross scene, Vicki Golden has been changing the perception of women on dirtbikes. Growing up in San Diego, California, she started riding and racing motorcycles at a young age. She was the first female team member of the infamous Metal Mulisha and has won three consecutive gold medals for Women’s Moto X Racing at the X Games. In 2014, she was nominated for the Best Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY award.

Axell Hodges and Vicki Golden-uae-dubai
Axell Hodges and Vicki Golden

For her upcoming world record attempt, Vicki will be riding an Indian FTR 1200. With true flat tracker style and the performance to back it up—this was the perfect choice for her ground-breaking record attempt.

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Travis Pastrana

One of the co-founders of Nitro Circus is Travis Pastrana. Any fan of action sports will know the name. He was born in Maryland and by four years old was already riding a one-speed motorcycle. In 1998, the then fourteen-year-old captured the world freestyle championship, Travis served notice of his versatility; but he was just getting started. “I won the first pro race I ever entered (125cc) and also won a gold medal in freestyle at X Games even though I was the youngest person there,” Pastrana recalls.

Tune in to the History channel at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT to watch Vicki and Axell live!