bmw r18-triumph bobber-inspired-chinese-zero-lh450-front quarter

It is not uncommon to come across Chinese motorcycle companies releasing products that are quite similar to some of the renowned names in the world’s motorcycle industry. This time we have stumbled upon a new Chinese bike that looks like an amalgamation of the BMW R18 and Triumph Bobber.

Named the LH450, this has been built by a Chinese firm called Zero. And no, it is in no way related to the Zero Motorcycles that make some of the best electric bikes in the world. The overall look of the LH450 is of a bobber. We can see familiar elements such as the single floating seat, hidden rear shock, front fork gaiters, and the LED headlamp.

bmw r18-triumph bobber-inspired-chinese-zero-lh450-front left quarter

The motorcycle also features parts that remind us of the beautiful BMW R18. For example, the LED turn signals, the shape and colour of the fuel tank, and even the twin exhausts somewhat resemble those of the R18.

Powering the LH450 is a 450cc parallel-twin engine with a square bore and stroke. As per the reports, it makes 37 horsepower and is mated to a 6-speed gearbox.

bmw r18-triumph bobber-inspired-chinese-zero-lh450-front third

Zero is asking 26,920 Yuan for this artwork, which roughly translates to AED 14,389. Would you be willing to pay this amount for a Chinese motorcycle or go for the original Triumph Bobber and BMW R18?