suzuki-gsxs1000gx-front quarter right

Suzuki has introduced a new variant of the Suzuki GSX-S1000 that comes with added panniers from the factory therefore resolving the luggage-carrying issues of people who like to do long distances on their motorcycles. The new trim has been named the GSX-S1000 GX+.

suzuki-gsxs1000gx-front quarter

The two hard-case panniers will give you an extra 36 litres of storage space. Suzuki says that both these compartments are capable of swallowing a full-face helmet. This could prove beneficial for riders heading out with a pillion.


Apart from the added panniers, nothing else has been changed. The new GX+ is the same Suzuki GSX-S1000 that draws power from the tried and tested 999cc, 4-cylinder K5 engine making around 150 horses. Pair this sweet motor with spot-on ergos and a well-tuned semi-active suspension and you have a solid road tourer.